Tankó Farkas Péter

Tankó Farkas Péter

Artist Portrait

Year of birth: 1977
Place of birth: Csikszereda
Nationality: Romanian


– József Attila Primary School in Miercurea Ciuc

– István Nagy High School of Fine Arts

– Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest

Abstract figurative

Curriculum Vitae & More:

The artist about himself:

“I was born in 1977, went to kindergarten like any child, I also drew there like any child, but the kindergarten teachers were not very happy because instead of the factories, workers and tractors stipulated in the strict curriculum, I always drew flowers, trees and camels . I started school at the age of eight, since then I have been under the power of the educational institutions. I graduated from high school in Csikszereda, where I also received my diploma as a graphic artist. Later I was enrolled as a sculpture student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, but returned to graphics after the first semester. I deal with duplication techniques. I learned the technique of engraving from my teachers in Csikszereda, I tried to learn the art and secrets of wood carving from the works of wood carvers in Transylvania, from their studies and writings. I owe my knowledge to my teachers and my experiments. I have been involved in art and graphics for over ten years. I travel a lot, get to know a lot of people, meet a lot of artists, fortunately I was able to learn something from everyone. I work in artists’ colonies and artist settlements in Hungary, but I also took part in various vernissages, exhibitions and fairs in Austria and Germany. For several years I took part in the artists’ colony organized by the Győr-Ménfőcsanak elementary school, where I also supervised and directed the engraving department. In my works, I like to use the possibilities of new techniques, but I also use traditional, tried and tested methods. The focus of my work is the human being. ”

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