General Terms and Conditions

These are the General Terms and Conditions of the Gallery Horvath & Lukacs (as “Contractor”) apply accordingly to all business transactions that take place between client and contractor in the stores of the contractor.

1. Selection and placement of an order

The Gallery Horvath & Lukacs offers a wide selection of picture frames in their specialized stores in Sopron and Nagycenk (Hungary). The contractor will provide the best possible advice to clients, including the best fulfilment of the client’s imaginations combined with the technical requirements, possibilities. The contractor does not operate online, an online purchase is not possible! The information provided here is intended as an insight into the products and services of the contractor. The contractor reserves the right to change this information at any time. In the picture framing stores frame patterns are available to select the most suitable picture frame combination and to try the frame sample directly to the pictures. The frame patterns are provided with an internal registration number. After selection and measurement of the pictures, an individual price calculation takes place for each picture and service. This calculation is made by the contractor for each customer.

2. Prices for individually tailored picture frames

The prices for individual customized picture frames and frame service are calculated individually after selection and measuring by the contractor, which price is then communicated directly and immediately to the customer. If the client accepts this offer, the order is placed. The so calculated prices include the statutory sales tax and other related tax types.

3. Completion

The contractor will inform the client of the expected completion date on site when placing the order. The completion date may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. If a frame and service combination is selected which enables immediate service, the order is realized immediately, that means in average within an hour. This can vary due to various technical solutions and product types. The contractor acts in the sense of being able to provide the best quality and then proposes accordingly the best possible production time. The client has the possibility at any time to inform him/herself about the production time in person, by telephone or about a pre-agreed individual appointment, about the production time and to reserve capacities. In the case of a longer processing time (orders that cannot be processed on the order placement day), an order sheet will be issued in each case showing the registration number of the order, through which the order (with the client agreed on-site) fulfillment information will be stored.

4. Payment methods and invoicing

The Gallery Horvath & Lukacs offers in the headquarter the possibility in addition to cash payment also card payment. The contractor undertakes to accept all cards of the card brands and card types (credit card, debit card) listed on-site in the store in Nagycenk regardless of the amount as payment for goods and / or services. In the case of electronic processing by a banking terminal, the Contractor must ensure that the reading of the card data and any necessary authentication (e.g. by entering a PIN) can be entered without any interruption personally by the cardholder – without inspection by the contractual partner or third parties – at the banking terminal. If the terminal does not require authentication (e.g. by entering a PIN), the document created by the terminal must always be personally signed by the cardholder on the appropriate signature line. In case of doubt, the contracting party must verify the cardholder’s identity on the basis of an official identity card (name and first name match) and note on the receipt that identity card and card data have been compared and verified. For mPOS terminals, this memo should be kept together with a reference to the corresponding transaction ID.

Card payment in the store in Sopron is not possible!

In case of an unplanned technical defect or technical error caused by force majeure or natural forces, the contractor will ask customers to understand that instead of paying by card, the order must be paid in cash.

Invoicing will be done immediately after completion automatically. If the client notifies the billing address in advance, an invoice can be issued on the given billing address.

In the case of orders with a longer processing time, a 50% deposit is requested, which is disbursed by the customer at the time the order is placed.

5. Privacy and discretion

The contractor endeavors to handle the processing of the order with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. The contracting parties mutually undertake to keep the agreed terms or identifiable information, documents, data and techniques that are neither publicly nor publicly accessible absolutely confidential and to make them accessible to third parties only with the prior written consent of the other contracting party. This does not prevent the parties from providing confidential information if the providing is based on mandatory state legal regulations.

6. Storage

The storage of ready-framed pictures and other products is guaranteed by the contractor until acceptance and pick up, but not longer than 6 months after placing the order. After 6 months, a storage fee of 5% per month will be charged.

7. Retention of title

The supplier reserves title to the ordered product until the complete payment has been received.

8. Complaints

The aim of the contractor is to fulfill all orders in the correct quality and with the full satisfaction of the customer. Nevertheless, if the customer insists on a complaint, the contractor immediately checks the parameter of the complaint and attempts to rectify it by means of subsequent improvements.

The Contractor warrants for the commissioned work in the following manner, without prejudice the claiming possibility for damages in case of non-performance or in the absence of warranted qualities.

If the client accepts and pick up the subject of the contract (ordered product) and determines directly a defect, or a fault, the client can operate with warranty claims. The claims are only valid if the client reserves the right to do so immediately (but maximally within 5 working days). The contractor will remedy a defect at his own productional costs. Due to the fact that these products are tailor-made and fitted individually, the contractor has at least 3 times right to rectify. The processing and production costs will be borne by the contractor. If the rectification fails, in particular if the defect cannot be remedied or further attempts of the improvement are unreasonable for the client, the client may request for a change of order (cancellation of the contract) or a price reduction (reduction of the compensation).

Complaints after personal acceptance and pick up can no longer be accepted!

9. Technical Deviations

The data, photos and illustrations listed on the website, brochures and flyers, catalogs, newsletters and advertisements are purely informative. Information like e.g. the color, weight, placement and other similar parameters of the product may differ from the qualities and illustrations shown here.

10. Place of Jurisdiction

For all present and future claims arising from the business relationship, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is the registered headquarter of the contractor. The same place of jurisdiction is applied if the client has no general place of jurisdiction in Hungary, relocates his domicile or habitual residence from the country after conclusion of the order or if his/her domicile or habitual residence is not known at the time the complaint is identified.

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