Zsemlye Ildikó

Zsemlye Ildikó

Artist Portrait

Year of birth: 1969
Place of birth: Budapest
Nationality: Hungarian

Curriculum Vitae & More:

Already in elementary school, his drawing teacher noticed his outstanding artistic inclination, which encouraged him to continue his studies at the secondary school for fine and applied arts. After graduating, after a year of preparation, he was accepted into the sculpture department of the Academy of Applied Arts, where he graduated in 1995. As early as the 1990s, his early figurative endeavors were characterized by experiments in space and matter. Today, his ever-evolving art is characterized by a particular structure and constructive sculpture. He also makes the base of his work to be an integral part of the work. He also taught at the Vocational High School for Dance and Fine Arts in Győr and at the Vocational High School for Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest. He is a member of the Union of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists, the Union of Fine and Applied Artists of Kőbánya. He is the holder of several awards, prizes and grants. He regularly takes part in solo and group exhibitions. You can meet his public works in Budapest and across the country. It is very important to him to introduce children to art, so he regularly conducts educational events for children in Kőbánya in his studio. In 2014 he erected a full-length bronze monument to Ödön Lechner on Szent László Square.

In Recognition of Outstanding Artistic Achievement of Visual Artist Ildikó Zsemlye, Mihály Munkácsy Prize-winning Sculptor, Kőbánya Municipality, 10th District of Budapest 161/2015. (IV. 16.) KÖKT awards the prize for the quarry.

You are interested in works of this artist? Feel free to contact us at +36 995 32 210 or write us at galeria@horvath-lukacs.hu.


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