Passepartout & backboard

Our Passepartout and museum board (mat) assortment includes several hundred color shades, various sizes, surfaces and qualities. Our gallery also strives to select excellent partners in this field, who ensure the tested best quality. Also, in case of the matting the individuality plays a special role: each Passepartout is individually fitted and carved according to your expectations.


Why is a Passepartout important?

The Passepartout increase the framed picture’s presentation and their delivered impact and make a harmonic connection between the picture and the frame. The aesthetic function and influence can greatly affect the framed overall impression. Your picture looks nobler, the Passepartout makes the picture shine even more and helps to increase the artworks prestigiousness. In such way the effect is similar in every case no matter that it is the work of a well-known artist or a watercolor made by the amateur hand, a beautiful memory, a friendly photograph, great or small art.

Beside the aesthetic function, the protective function should also be mentioned. The mat provides the necessary distance between your picture and the glass and increases longevity, reduce the risk of damages during a possible frame-change. Museum carton is a product that differs essentially and fundamentally from normal Passepartout types in production. We offer mat and backboard types in different sizes, sheets and designs. Cutting out the Passepartouts is done with our computer-controlled automated Passepartout cutting machine. This technology makes any favored size and shape possible. Here some examples for average sheet sizes:

» Passepartout

Standard and acid-free
70 x 100 cm
81 x 101 cm
82 x 112 cm

» Adhesive Plates

Cold Lamination
80 x 120 cm (2mm)
100 x 140 cm (5mm)

» Museum carton

90 x 120 cm

» Backboard

101 x 121 cm (2,5mm)
100 x 140 cm (3 mm)

The museum carton consists of one or more layers of the same buffered material. The well-known, high-quality museum carton is made only from the best pulp. By adding a special type of CaCO3 to the pulp, we receive an acid-free, buffered museum carton with alkaline reserve material. This method should prevent any acidification and minimize the aging process. In addition, the cardboard is completely bound, the degree of connection remains neutral and trough a next step glued in an acid-free environment


Flexible realization

The tailoring of a wide variety of homogenized wood panels is quick and easy to explicate in our system. We use MDF (Multiplex Plates), Hardboard, Pressboard materials. Therefore, we offer in our service also the cutting of drawing boards, painting boards, painting grounds, wooden sticks, tapestry plates, stretcher or plates for your individual purposes.

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