What is a Passepartout?

For which pictures do we recommend a Passepartout?

We are often asked by customers, when and to which pictures a Passepartout is recommended.

Here you will find answers to the concept and functionality of a Passepartout:

As Passepartout we define a paper or cardboard frame in the picture frame usually for graphics, watercolors, prints, photos and drawings. These are the most typical techniques for which a passe-partout is recommended. The mat is ideally matched with the picture and its frame. It can be white, neutral or even colored. Likewise, the clipped form and miter can vary from shape to shape. The combination of several shades of colors is possible. In addition to the extremely important aesthetic functions, the technical functionality should be emphasized.


Aesthetic functions:

» Highlighting the artwork. Doing so the picture is more accentuated.
» To complete the harmony between frame and picture
» Create a contrast between the frame and passe-partout, thereby achieving a special strong effect
» To achieve special (color) effects
» To underline and highlight selected hues



Technical functions:

» Protection by distance function between picture and glass (distance)
» Adjust the picture size to an existing frame size (where the frame size exceeds the image size)
» Can bind moisture and possible pollutants
» Also, to be used as a spacer strip
» Protection against e.g. unwanted sticking in the case of unframed pictures (e.g., stored in a folder)
» To realize special framing techniques (complementary function)
» To be able to frame several pictures (e.g. photos) in one frame




We offer our customers an extremely wide collection of passe-partout cardboards, which consists of no less than 300 colors. Among the mating varieties You can find the high-quality museum mattings. The surfaces are made of paper, velour or linen, the core is available in standard white unbleached, colored or black. The decision to use a passe-partout should be based on considerations between the expert and the customer. Our gallery strives to satisfy the highest quality demands and selects therefore specialized manufacturers that deliver the highest international quality.


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