Everyone needs a guardian angel! You too?

Guardian angels accompany you in every second of your life. Everyone’s personal guardian angel is inseparable bounded to you sometimes as a friend sometimes as a protector. Good angels are on earth to help people.

Also, János Aknay’s angels are created to help and to protect. In his painting, he creates abstract angels that appear as the personification of human-like angels. Aknay has been painting angels for decades. They are mediators and spiritual guides between God and human. They protect, guard, watch and defend. Through his series of angels, the artist transfers the stations of human emotions through harmony between form and color. The angel motifs from several decades are still young, youthful, born again and again from a new angle – on canvas, handmade paper or as screen prints. They appear as mysterious transcendent beings (in memory of the deceased painter’s daughter) and sometimes as an abstraction of a rune script in space.

Aknay János

Aknay’s typical depiction is the fusion of hand, arm, and wings. Aknay’s angels are never fully formed figures.

The art collection and offer of the Gallery Horvath & Lukacs includes several thousand original artworks. A wide range of styles (from modern-abstract to classic-watercolor) offers appropriate art and joy for every taste. A uniquely large selection of János Aknay’s angel pictures are provided in our assortment and can be purchased.

Find your personal guardian angel in the Gallery Horvath & Lukacs!

Aknay János


Aknay JánosAknay János




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