Purchase of contemporary art

Galerie Horváth & Lukács has been offering (parallelly to picture frames) contemporary art in its headquarters in Nagycenk for more than 30 years. Several thousand high-quality artworks from over 80 different artists are on offer.

Contractionary to many galleries and online retailers, our gallery consistently stands for the traditional art trade, for the purchase of art in the gallery locally, or during exhibitions. As a discerning art lover, you have the chance to personally visit our showroom personally, to feel the special atmosphere and experience the artwork them first-hand. Doing this way, you can be sure that the selected artwork will meet your taste in terms of aesthetics and quality.

Why to buy art?

» To own something unique
» To create something unique
» To acquire something beautiful
» To experience pleasure and joy
» Value-preserving investment
» Remarkable longevity in comparison to other products
» Art has an influence on the soul, offers fascination, strength and enthusiasm
» Art inspires
» Art distinguishes people from robots
» Art supports talents
» Through art, people are and remain timelessly human.


Looking forward to welcome You in our headquarter! Visit our exhibition room and let yourself be impressed by the gallery’s unique art offer! Feel free to contact us here>

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