Rákossy Anikó

Rákossy Anikó

Artist Portrait

Year of birth: 1948
Place of birth: Kisújszállás
Nationality: Hungarian


1966–71: MKF (Hungarian College of Fine Arts)

Since 1980 she has been a member of the graphic workshop in Szentendre


Gyorgy Kadar


Painter, graphic artist

Curriculum Vitae & More

She worked as a graphic artist and illustrator for a long time and presented her paintings for the first time in 1990. Her abstract compositions, based on repetitive motifs, are characterized by pastel tones, warm color harmonies, decorativeness, and at times anxious atmosphere.


Solo exhibitions:

1990: Gallery Marie Mamias, Paris

1991: Gallery of the Art Colony, Szentendre

1992: Gallery Art’éria, Szentendre

1994: Antwerp

1995: Ernst Museum, Budapest

1998: French Institute, Budapest

Gallery Kaposfured

Ignác Tragor Museum, Vác

Greek Church Gallery, Vac

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