Deim Pál

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Deim Pál

Artist portrait

Year of birth: 1932
Place of birth: Szentendre
Nationality: Hungarian

1952-1958 Honvéd Fine Arts Circle
1958 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts

Barcsay Jenő
Gadányi Jenő
Vajda Lajos

1974 1st prize IV. At the National Biennial of Small Plaster, Pécs
1978 Special Award of the Budapest Capital Council in the IV. At the International Children’s Exhibition in Budapest
1985 Mihály Munkácsy Prize
1987 Prize of Szentendre Pro Urbe
1990 Excellent artist
1990 Titular professor of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
1991 1st prize at the National Competition organized at the Ferenczy Béni and Noemi Memorandum
1991 Annual Grand Prize of Fine Art of the Art Fund
1993 Kossuth Prize
1999 Aba-Novák Life Excellence Award
2001 Ferenc Kölcsey Millennium Award
2002 Grand Prize of the National Association of Hungarian Artists’ Artists
2003 First Prize
2004 Studio of Young Artists Association Klára Herczog’s Prize
2006 Lajos Vajda Studio Lajos Vajda’s Prize
2007 Hungarian Painting Day Foundation’s oeuvre award
2014 The Artist of the Nation


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