Between the following lines you can read information about a special charity project, which could be established thanks to unique synergies of our companies. The emergency situation caused by the corona virus has a major impact on our daily lives. It influences and changes our life, our thinking, our plans, our economy, our culture, our sports and our opportunities. It affects us all!

Many entrepreneurs have gone bankrupt, many people lost their jobs or were on a knife-edge to survive. Many are considering how to start all over again, how they can reposition themselves after the corona virus and how they can better prepare for crisis situations. There are very “fragile” and endangered areas of life. Some are strongly, others are less affected by the situation. The uncertainty affects us all! The current crisis is also having a serious impact on culture, at the art scene and sports. We are confident that this difficult situation can be overcome by helping one another, taking forward-looking measures and exploring strengths and opportunities.

With this in mind, the Horváth & Lukács Gallery is starting the following charity campaign: the gallery is offering the full proceeds from the sale of selected works of art and art prints in favor of the talent promotion initiative “Funded and Free Dressage Clinics” by the Horváth and Lukács Riding Association. Depending on the sales success, we will also set up individual Horváth & Lukács dressage grants.



  1. You can conveniently announce your intention to purchase one or more works of art by phone or email directly to the initiator:

Ágnes Horváth

Tel.: +36 30 26 73 832


  1. After the arrival of your order you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information and invoice within 24 hours, on the basis of which you can make the banking transfer. Please understand that this processing is only possible by bank transfer and in prepayment.The artworks  are fixed price offers. Shipping costs are not included.


  1. As soon as the transfer arrives, the selected artwork will be sent by post or can be picked up personally in our gallery in Nagycenk.


  1. The Horváth and Lukács Riding Association issues a personal certificate to the supporters of the initiative and sends it to the postal address specified by the customer.

Why charity in equestrian sports?

Because we know that sport and culture are areas that are now making serious losses and are areas that are “fragile” and vulnerable.

Because we believe that art and horses mean a serious responsibility that not everyone can bear.

Because we believe that there can be a close emotional bond between art / artwork and people. There is also an emotional and trusting bond between horse and rider. Emotional attachment is deeply human and everything that is human is important now! It counteracts alienation and the tendency towards abstraction.

Because we believe that this sport can be more than just money-oriented. We believe that knowledge, passion, commitment, endurance, performance and horse-centeredness are important (thinking here of fair, healthy horse training and high-quality riding knowledge and skills). Knowledge in particular seems to us to be of essential importance. The need and desire for knowledge and “new” knowledge. We firmly believe that special energies in this sport can be exponentially unfolded and developed by supporting our talents (riders and horses) and accompanying their development.

“I am not aware of any other sport that in this form and extent demands and shapes important deep human values. Horses make often unimaginable experiences tangible. Today, everyone is seeking for such experiences and traits. In many cases, our rushed world forgets such thoughts and feelings on the roadside. Which is really sad, because these experiences contribute to the development of the individual and make the person more and more valuable. I think horses and art are able to change the world in a good way! “
Agnes Horvath

What is the “Funded Free Dressage Clinics” initiative?

The ” Funded Free Dressage Clinics ” initiative was launched by the Horváth and Lukács Riding Association. The mission is high-quality knowledge transfer to the widest possible audience and specific talent fostering (both riders and horses). The dressage clinic is led by Ágnes Horváth ( The clinic is free of charge for the participants, so there are no participation fees. During the free training weekends, close to 30 individual training sessions are carried out completely free of charge.

What is a Horváth and Lukács Dressage Grant?

With the Horváth and Lukács dressage grant initiative, the riding association supports young dressage and instructor talents in the long term with a targeted training plan, with a 10 training unit riding pass and with continuous, individually tailored mentoring.


A list and catalog of the works of art and art prints offered for charity can be found here:


Do you need any more information?

Are you interested in the details of the offered art work? Do you need more photos? Or do you need more information about the project? Contact us! We will gladly answer your questions! Tel .: +36 30 26 73 832 or email:





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