Varga-Amár László

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Varga-Amár László

Artist Portrait

Year of birth: 1955
Place of birth: Budapest
Nationality: Hungarian

He graduated in 1979 at the painting school of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts

Sváby Lajos
Kokas Ignác

1984 Ghi International Watercolor Biennial Special Prize, Rome
1988 Ghi International Watercolor Biennial Prize, Rome
1998 Wine Culture International Painting Award, 1st Prize, Budapest
1999 Diszharmonia, Ministry of National Cultural Heritage, Budapest
Painting Triennial (Hungarian Society of Painters), Budapest City Center Award, Szekszárd
2001 Baktay Grandma, Dunaharaszti
2003 In memoriam Egon Schiele, Tatabánya City Prize, Tatabánya
2004 Water c. exhibition, Zenner Hungaria Award, Szigetszentmiklós
2005 Kölcsey Prize on the occasion of the Hungarian Culture Day
2006 Self-Statues, Capital Committee of the Cultural Committee of Pesterzsébet Municipality, Budapest
2007 Siklós Salon Prize, Siklós
2009 Balaton Exhibition, Prize for Fine Arts and Applied Arts, Balatonalmádi

His paintings were the trans-national paintings of the 80s in Hungary, “Subjective historicism”. In the 90s, retaining the historical concept, the free expressive style and direction replaced it with a more concentrated, more coherent painting and deep-toned color.

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