Conveyable Guardian Angels

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

Dear Customers,

The corona virus crisis hit our company in a very hard way. Our everyday life has changed a lot. Many companies struggle to survive. The sensitive and easily vulnerable art scene suffers incalculable losses and damages.

The crisis situation and the epidemic caused limitations and measures pose a serious challenge and make our normal business operations almost impossible. At this time unfortunately, the smallest counts for our survival!

Guardian angels accompany you in every second of your life. Everyone’s personal guardian angel is inseparable bounded to you sometimes as a friend sometimes as a protector. Good angels are on earth to help people.

Also, János Aknay’s angels are created to help and to protect.

We are now offering signed screenprints by János Aknay to be sent by post! The price for a guardian angel is 12 Euros plus shipping costs.

Send a special guardian angel from our gallery to your family members, friends or acquaintances, people you can not see personally now!


1.Send an email to the following address with the following text:

“I would like to have sent a guardian angel”. At the same time, please put your postal and billing address in the email. If you would like to have several guardian angels, please note this information as well.

Please send orders to this address:

2.After the arrival of your email you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information and invoice within 24 hours, on the basis of which you can make the banking transfer. Please understand that this processing is only possible by bank transfer and in prepayment.

3.By the time the transfer arrives, your personal guardian angel will be sent immediately by post!

Take care of each other! Please help to get trough this!



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