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Dear customers, friends, and website visitors,

We received a huge number of inquiries in the recent time with the question whether it would be possible to send the pictures for framing to us in any way and then return them to their owners after framing.

Our gallery is now introducing a new service to meet these requests!

In addition to an online gallery tour and online insight into the collection, an online picture frame choosing is now also possible!

We offer pick up service (photos, print, picture, originals etc.) from Sopron and the localities belonging to its catchment area (Harka, Kópháza, Ágfalva, Fertőboz, Fertőhomok, Hegykő, Fertőszéplak, Fertőd, Fertőszentmiklós, Hidegség, Nagycenk, Sopronkövesd, Lövő) and the subsequent delivery after framing!

We offer the same service in Austria from Burgenland, Vienna and Niederösterreich!

At the moment this service is only available in the listed areas and settlements! We ask for Your understanding!


How can I order?

If you have a picture to frame, you can order the pick up service by phone or email. Our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible to make a concrete appointment for the pick-up.

How can I choose the right frame type for my picture online?

Precondition is to have a device with the appropriate application which enables You a video call (optimal solution) or You have the possibility to send and receive videos and/or photos with it immediately.
Such an application is Skype, Facetime, Viber, WhatsApp or Messenger. As soon as our Colleges fulfilled the pick up and have arrived in our gallery, we will contact you. At an prearranged appointment, -which is also possible outside of opening hours-, the management will help you find the most suitable and harmonious frame combination by video telephony.

How much are the shipping costs?

During the online selection and consultation appointment, our customers receive a direct offer which will also include the costs for shipping. If the customer does not accept the offer and the pictures are returned unprocessed, the shipping costs will be charged (in this case, depending on the size and type, an individual calculation of the shipping costs will be made, which will be charged retrospectively).

When will the pictures be returned?

At the time of ordering or during the online meeting, our customers are informed about the production time and the subsequent delivery of the pictures. Usually the pictures will be returned within 5-7 working days after ordering.



TEL.: +36 30 26 73 832


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Dear customers and website visitors!

The difficult and dangerous coronavirus situation affects our everyday life in unimaginable way. Our gallery wants to ensure the best possible service for our customers even under these difficult conditions. In addition to the usual services, we also offer online service for certain products.


Want to get an online insight into our gallery’s contemporary art collection from home? Want to learn more about the history of the pictures and our gallery online? Need professional advice?

We now offer our costumers the opportunity to visit our gallery via phone, video call or other applications, to select and make a reservation for picture frames, mirrors or contemporary art.

Personal appointments and more information:

Phone: +36 30 640 8721 or email:


Send a special guardian angel from our gallery to your family members, friends or acquaintances, people you can not see personally now! Here is how it can work.

Would you like to buy old postcards online? Would you like to have a look at our catalog of deliverable products or have it sent to you?

For more Information and requests:


Are you looking for a unique Easter present? Would you like to surprise your loved ones, friends or acquaintances with a special gift? A gift voucher can fulfill long-awaited wishes and make people extraordinary happy…

No matter whether the gift should be small or large: with the gift voucher from our gallery you can individually determine the amount. Our vouchers are numbered and watermarked. Your or your desired name will be noted and can be redeemed at our headquarter in Nagycenk for two years. Valid in case of buying picture frames, mirrors, art prints and contemporary artwork.

More information and orders:



Tel.: +36 30 640 8721 OR E-mail :


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Conveyable Guardian Angels

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

Dear Customers,

The corona virus crisis hit our company in a very hard way. Our everyday life has changed a lot. Many companies struggle to survive. The sensitive and easily vulnerable art scene suffers incalculable losses and damages.

The crisis situation and the epidemic caused limitations and measures pose a serious challenge and make our normal business operations almost impossible. At this time unfortunately, the smallest counts for our survival!

Guardian angels accompany you in every second of your life. Everyone’s personal guardian angel is inseparable bounded to you sometimes as a friend sometimes as a protector. Good angels are on earth to help people.

Also, János Aknay’s angels are created to help and to protect.

We are now offering signed screenprints by János Aknay to be sent by post! The price for a guardian angel is 12 Euros plus shipping costs.

Send a special guardian angel from our gallery to your family members, friends or acquaintances, people you can not see personally now!


1.Send an email to the following address with the following text:

“I would like to have sent a guardian angel”. At the same time, please put your postal and billing address in the email. If you would like to have several guardian angels, please note this information as well.

Please send orders to this address:

2.After the arrival of your email you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information and invoice within 24 hours, on the basis of which you can make the banking transfer. Please understand that this processing is only possible by bank transfer and in prepayment.

3.By the time the transfer arrives, your personal guardian angel will be sent immediately by post!

Take care of each other! Please help to get trough this!



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Coronavirus information from our gallery:

Dear Customers, Friends, Inquiries!

Regarding the emergency situation due to the coronavirus epidemic, we would like to inform you of the following:

The health of our clients, as well as to our colleagues and partners is extraordinary important to us. It is essential also to offer to our clients an on-call service , and we would like to continue to do so for as long as the applicable legal provisions allow us this possibility during a legal timeframe. This service is just available at our headquarter in Nagycenk within the legal time frame.

Our shop in Sopron is closed until the epidemic situation settles!

• Clients coming from areas strongly infected with the coronavirus, or having symptoms like cough, colds, respiratory symptoms and or if you have been in the infected area for 14 days: please do not visit our shop!

• If you are directly or possibly endangered or you have been in a coronavirus infected environment within 14 days, please do not visit our shop!

• We are continuously disinfect the whole building.

Hand sanitizing facilities are provided at the entrance. Please disinfect your hands immediately at the entrance!!!

Avoid the usual forms of social contact (e.g. handshake) to protect all of us! Please keep the recommended minimum distance of 1-1.5m.

• We can only serve one customer at a time.

Cafe services in our gallery are temporarily suspended.

• At the same time, we would like to inform you that our capacity may decrease in the coming period, so the time frame for immediate service may be also increased.

• We try to keep all workflows by rescheduling and reorganizing and take the necessary measures to survive these hopefully temporary situation.

• NEW: small and medium sized picture frames, artwork, lithographs and prints can be ordered online. Let’s help get through this difficult economic time by contact us online via email! For further conditions and information, please contact us:

Thank you in advance for your understanding, patience, help and supportive cooperation!

Horváth & Lukács Galéria

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Special Products and Unique Ideas

Are You looking for special products or unique ideas? Discover gorgeous gift ideas!

The world and our time today is getting more and more unpredictable. We live in a time of constant changes. So we stand by the fact and believe that it is not possible to stay with a blind perfectionism! For this reason, we love specialities and believe in unique ideas and products which generate real value and little bit of joy!

László Horváth’s passion for arts accompanied him from the very beginning as a young entrepreneur and artists patron in Western Hungary. The Gallery Horváth and Lukács provide therefore an in-depth knowledge and understanding of selected Hungarian contemporary art.







The national and international well-known name and reputation of our company is also based on the countless unique production of picture frame specialties. Individual interior elements makes our our product portfolio very colourful and expanded! Here a unique piece of picture frame – epoxy- table!






Are you also looking for such products? Do you also believe in unique pieces and individual talent? Are you looking for something special for your beloved ones?

The list of picture framing ideas is endless. Even shoes or dog paw prints can be framed!