Restoring the frames is an outstanding request of our company as a leaf-gilder master manufacturer and conservator. We have many years of experience in professional handling and restoration. The following examples shown insight of the possibilities which are offered by these seldom technique and high-quality crafts:

» Recover old or independent picture frames from any epoch
» Edit or new assembling of picture frame profiles (e.g. changing of height)
» Cleaning of artworks (e.g. oil paintings) and restorations (e.g. minor damages)

The picture frame - beside several artistic periods and artistic intents - is still an extremely important part of a picture. In the Gallery Horváth & Lukács the valence of the artwork is appreciated through context of framing and preservation. In a case where e.g. the picture frame is damaged and there is a risk that the value of Your picture may be influenced by its poor condition: do not hesitate and catch the opportunity to restore Your picture frame or art work and trust the many years of expertise of our company.

The Gallery Horváth & Lukács combines the craftsmanship of restorers and leaf-gilders in an imaging specially designed and equipped workshop and studio. This is an inescapable precondition for high quality works. The promised high standard can only be achieved through conscientious and precise work, endurance, compliance with the required time and valuable materials: this is what we guarantee to our customers.