Leaf Gilding

Gilding and restoring of picture frames are one of our specialties in our service. This job cannot be executed by a machine. The procedure is time-consuming and extraordinary valuable. The mastery of this traditional craft requires perennial teaching and experience.

A gilded frame is always a self-contained work. It speaks for itself. The promised high quality is possible only with conscientiousness, perseverance and in compliance with the correct time expenditure in the use of noble materials. Service examples:

» Renovation of old picture frames or/ and newly generated surface treatment (e.g. Golding)
» Retention of Artwork
» Meeting and realization of individual ideas and imaginations


The production of leaf gilded frames and moldings goes back to a +100 years old traditional technique. The steps are used today unchanged:

» Step 1: Careful selection and preparation of the basic wood material.
» Step 2: The priming of the raw wood moldings in several layers with a mixture of mountain chalk, special natural paste and water.
» Step 3: At the bottom comes brownish-red poliment in 2-3 layers.
» Step 4: After 24 hours of drying, the surface is sanded to an extraordinary smooth surface and then moistened with alcohol-saturated water.
» Step 5: On the prepared wooden surface, the silver, gold or other metal sheets (leaves) are placed.
» Step 6: When using silver leaves etchant should be added so that the overlap of the metal sheets can be seamlessly blended into each other and thereby the silver gets a darker appearance.
» Step 7: The surface should then be sanded until the color of the poliment begins to show through.
» Step 8: After sanding, the gilded moldings are polished with agate stone to the highest brightness and gloss.
» Step 9: Finally, the ready surface will be treated with shellac, which provides a glossy surface over time while protecting against oxidation
» Step 10: On request, the gold and silver surfaces can be trimmed with patina.

If you have any questions about the "Leaf Gilding" method and processing, please contact us at info@horvath-lukacs.hu. We are passionate about our products and manufacture them directly to your dreams!