Frame ideas & creative solutions

Mirror framing

The mirror is a particular room element for every interior. Different imaginations and demands will be embodied in the realized mirror. Therefore, choosing the right frame requires real attention.

The frame of the mirror plays a special role: we distinguish between whole body mirrors, smaller hanging mirrors, bathroom mirrors, hand mirrors, and so on. The frame enhances its functioning in the environment and should meets the customer's expectations in style and price. To fulfill special design ideas, we offer exclusive mirror producing; we manufacture the picture frame in harmony with the customers' wishes, we treat the surface of the frame e.g. with special a technique, we try to find the excellent shape and profile, and offer different mirror types and quality levels.

The mirror can function as a beautiful for marriage, birthday gift or special memory. Our assortment offers also higher price category products like hand-carved picture frames, handmade high-quality picture frames, various precious metal surfaces (e.g. leaf-gilding, gold, silver, composition gold, aluminum). Choose from thousands of frame types: 70% of our product line are suitable for mirror framing. Do not hesitate and discover your perfect mirror today!

Dream ideas & curios solutions

Our frame factory allows us to experiment with dozens of possibilities and to play with 1000 of creative ideas and implementation solutions. Here are some examples of realized framing dreams:

Check out or assortment, make a choice from thousands of picture frames types: 70% of them can be used for a mirror or to realize special imaginations.

Do not hesitate and discover the perfect picture frame today! Contact us at by e-mail to make Your dreams come true!