Exclusive frames

The national and international well-known name and reputation of our company is also based on the countless unique production of picture frame specialties. Our production is divided into three techniques: unique technology, profile combinations and exclusive manufacture. Each frame type (1-3) can be an unforgettable gift for a special occasion and can deliver unforgettable pleasure.

» 1. Creative Laboratory

The creative laboratory is realized by processing the unique in-house technology of the raw surface of different frame mouldings. In-house professional workshop allows beside surface treatment, the adaption of many-many new frame profiles. They can be coated with precious metals (leaf), platinized or painted differently. This provides the highest quality and individuality which You can acquire from the Gallery Horváth & Lukács.


» 2. Profile combinations

Our world of ideas allows you to merge and assemble different frame profiles. This means, for example, that two or more frame types are be putted together and create in this way a new one. Similarly, we can edit each part and surface. With this extra treatment, you can re-create framework and frame types with a new profile.

» 3. Exclusive production

The absolute exclusive frame production is based entirely and directly on an iterative process. We are ready to fulfill your wishes with You! The purpose of custom surface and profile selection is to meet the exclusive requirements through highest quality materials and technologies. Thanks to our work with well-known artists. „Frame Plans" are created and realized in a short time.

We provide unique service to all type of wooden picture frames. Our mission is to make people happy through our product. Please contact us at the following e-mail address:  info@horvath-lukacs.hu or call +36 995 32 210