Hooks & hanging assembly

Each picture is automatically provided with a hook for hanging. Depending on the frame type, our employees decide which type of hook best suited for your dream picture. Influencing criteria is the total weight of the framed picture, the frame thickness and profile, as well as the hanging method. If you have a special request or wish regard to the hanging assembly, please contact our experts before finalizing your picture frame choice and decision. Here is an insight into the commonly used hook types. Notice the procurement and mounting of other alternatives is also possible.

Back board, cardboard & wood fiberboard

Normally, the pictures are assembled to hang on the wall. There are various possibilities to close the backside: on the one hand, the framing can be completed and closed with a cardboard (usually the case) so that the framed picture is also protected from the backside. These cardboards can be chosen in different materials and strengths. Furthermore, a wood fiberboard or wooden plate can be used for a full completion. Individual measurements and cutting are for all types possible.

In case of smaller sized picture, we also offer a backboard, which allows the placement of a picture for example on tables (settled on shelves or decorative places). This backboard can be implemented in almost every wooden picture frame and are available for portrait and landscape format. If you need further information or if you are looking for alternative solutions for larger formats, please contact us, our experts are glad to help you.

Stretching of oil paintings, canvas artwork & wooden wedge frame

Our service also includes the stretching of oil paintings and artwork of any technique on canvas and textiles. The choice of stretcher (wedge frame) also requires special attention: Depending on the size and framing, various types are recommended. Traditional stretcher moldings (which are also suitable for re-tensioning) are available in standard sizes up to 120 cm on stock. However, it is possible to individually produce stretcher frames for each size and realize them in a short time. The strength of the stretcher depends on the wing-spread of your picture. Find out more information about the various technical solutions and types of wooden wedge frames. Contact us anytime at or +36 995 32 210.

„Floating in the picture frame”

Pictures can be attached and fixed inside the frame in different ways. A noble possibility is the so-called floating attachment. The picture itself is fixed with the equivalent technique on an Isofix-plate. The goal is to increase the aesthetics preferences and to create an exclusive presentation. Depending on the solution, we can realize individual concepts with spacer strips and Passepartout.

Dry mounting & lamination

As an additional product, we offer self-adhesive backboard plates: dry mounting means to cobble the picture on a stable backboard or foam sheet. The advantage is a quick and easy implementation (drawing up). The cost factor is still be manageable. Especially in case of thin and large pictures (e.g. poster or prints) is the risk higher that waves may appear under the glass. To avoid this phenomenon, we recommend You to fix these type of pictures on a stable backboard.


We offer also the individual production of easels in our in-house art supply factory. The easel is not only an important tool for the artist, but can play a significant role in the expressive appropriate presentation of your pictures. A large selection of easels is available in our house. The type of wood and surface of the easel can be individually designed by You and through that a supportive room harmony can be reached. Take an advantage of this traditional art symbol and check out the possible product types in our store.