World of Frames

We have an enormous and diversified frame selection. Our frames solely have just the best quality. Our products are not average mass product, they are individual specialties and so all of the suppliers are carefully selected. 70 % out of the suppliers are famous traditional houses of quality frame production.

The main focus is on the natural frame production from wood. Wooden frames are nature-friendly and can be processed in a variety of ways (comparing to metal). Furthermore, wood offers the human hand a timeless beauty and inspiration. The enormous variety can be ideally adapted to all tastes.

By way of an example - if you decide on a picture, the natural warmth of the material is transferred to the viewer in the wooden frame. Metal has other advantages and follows trends. No doubt, special requests can be enjoyable in all materials. Our expertise and expert designs therefore try to understand and justify your passion and enthusiasm through the exquisite choice of materials in advance.

No matter which product You choose, you just have to enjoy and like it.

A special focus is on the Italian picture frame, which present always the current frame trends in their design. These are manufactured worldwide based on the highest demands on raw material and are manually processed, with respect for the environment. Technological innovation has a long tradition and involves the promotion of talent in picture frame production. The spectrum ranges from a modern, innovative collection to classic and traditional work and style, so that all tastes are met. Handicraft and experience with a high level of expertise is combined for the domestic and international market. We pay attention to economic recycling and sustainability. Frame oddments and other remains are used in new art processing.

Immediately & Express

We offer immediate service in Nagycenk (up to 10 pictures can be framed within one hour). This is possible because most of our offered the selection are on stock. Choose from several thousand picture frame models and combinations (see techniques) and enjoy the advantage of our modern production facility.

Remark: Immediate service is only in Nagycenk available!

Normal process time in Sopron is five to seven business days. In addition, we offer also an express service in our chain store in Sopron. Your frame is ready to pick up within one or to two business days.

Excluded are frames that require special treatment and fulfil special needs. It is possible to make an appointment and discuss expert advice. Contact us today for your preferred date via e-mail at or +36 995 32 210.