The art collection

The Horvath & Lukacs art collection was founded in 1987. In the region this business was regarded as a revolutionary and as brave business. The Horváth family was committed to art and had no considerations about their investment decision. Rich local and regional conditions, possibilities and impulses (tourism, culinary) were subordinated by the decision-makers. The geological position of the headquarter on the periphery (Hungary-Austria) has supported the uniqueness and contributed to international success and reputation. Count István Széchenyi, the "greatest Hungarian", was at his time a key figure and had a great economical, technical and cultural influence. His values had contributed to the country's developments, which values also deserve special attention today.

László Horváth's passion for arts accompanied him from the very beginning as a young entrepreneur and patron in Western Hungary. The Gallery Horváth and Lukács provide therefore an in-depth knowledge and understanding of selected Hungarian contemporary art. Artistic developments are in line with the time fitted frame production to enhance and personalize the ready product. The frame is chosen with the utmost care. Therefore, the artwork is optimally framed for sale and represent high quality. There are thousands of original artworks of mostly Hungarian artists in the gallery and can be inspected.

As an example, you can see a short insight in our online gallery. A wide range of styles (from modern-abstract to classical painted in watercolors) provide pleasure and appropriate art for every taste. The gallery offers selected, high-quality artworks: in other words, artists level must meet and fit to the high standards and requirements of the Gallery Horváth & Lukács. To do this, they have developed their own medal of honor. The originality of the artwork is guaranteed trough a certificate and watermark of our house.

Medaille Andenken für Künstler
Medaille Andenken für Künstler

The purchase of art is a stable, value-saving investment. The artist's individual aspects, quality frame selection and the overall combination lead to commitment, pleasure, and satisfaction. The bonding to the acquired artwork is existing Ideally a lifetime, adds a special value to the individual and its value system. Through art, people are and remain timelessly human.